Dreamforce 2016 was my ninth Dreamforce. Every year, it’s the same roller-coaster ride: the adrenaline rush when I get registered (really, when I book my hotel), the build-up to Agenda Builder going live, the excitement in the Success Community as the date gets closer… and then of course the thrilling chaos of the week!

But then, I come home. I go back to work. I am immediately buried under all the things that did not get done while I was gone. And all of the great ideas that I brought home from Dreamforce just sort of fade into the background.

This year, my Dreamforce Resolution was to not do that again. And it’s been very difficult – because really, who has time after Dreamforce to put all those great new ideas into practice? Here’s how I’m making it happen:

1. I’m watching session recordings!

My agenda was ridiculous. I bookmarked at least three sessions per time slot and attended only one (obviously), at best. Some of them were amazing, and I want to re-watch them. Some of them looked great, but I missed them. Good news! Most sessions have a recording right there in the Chatter feed. So I have been going back, and watching the ones that I missed or wanted to see again. Some of my favorites: Triggers for Admins, What You Need to Know to Flow, Building Apps with Visual Workflow: Deep Dive, and Harness the Power of Lightning with App Builder. I can also re-watch the keynotes on the Dreamforce site, or search and browse sessions on the Dreamforce YouTube channel.

Note: this isn’t easy. I had to literally put time on my calendar for it. One night a week, during lunch, the occasional Saturday night session binge-watching, etc. But I’m still doing it. And it’s serious re-inspiration!

2. I’m revisiting my notes!

Do you write down notes and ideas during Dreamforce? What do you do with them afterward? (I know, right? Oh yeah, those notes…) I tend to take very minimal notes because the sessions are recorded, so most of my notes are little reminders like “investigate this feature” or “try this trick to fix that report,” etc. Go back through your notes! Once again, I used my calendar for this and created a small block of time for each thing that I wanted to revisit.

3. I’m staying connected!

Remember all those people you met/watched present/applauded at Dreamforce? Follow them on Twitter. Follow them in the Success Community. Dreamforce may be only once a year, but follow Dreamforce on Twitter and you can be inspired all year long! (I think I’m paraphrasing Dickens there…) However you like to connect, stay connected.

That’s it! My three simple ways to stay close to Dreamforce in between Dreamforces. So don’t get the post-Dreamforce blues. Set aside time – even if it’s only an hour a week – and you can be re-inspired too. See you at #DF17!

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